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~I'm a bad ass girl in this messed up world....~ [entries|friends|calendar]

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In the jungle, the mighty jungleee [03 Apr 2006|01:43am]
[ mood | mischievous ]

Hi there!

Quick update before bed, but I promise I'll make a real update again sometime soon..

So on Thursday I was at MOD cause effing Jared Leto was there..and as we're in the waiting room waiting to be brought into the studio, one of the floor directors was like "WHO WANTS TO PLAY A GAME ON AIRRR?!? WE NEED 3 PEOPLE!" So I'm like k I'll do it if no one else wants to, even though he didn't say what you would have to do. So as we're walking into the studio, I'm like "So, want me to play that game Quami?" and he's like "are you kidding? I already put your name down". So I'm like k..I didn't think it would be that big of a deal, whatever.

So we get into there, and right in the beginning of the show he pulls me off to the side, and takes this huge gorilla costume out of a bag. I'm like Oh. Shit. So basically i had to put this ginormous suit on, complete with neck down black hair, and plastic feet and hands, and one big hairy sweaty mask. Leah talked to me on air, andddddd basically what I had to do was go outside with Matte on the street, and go up to random people asking them if I could hump their leg..AAAAAAAAND I only had 1 minute to do it.

So as I'm walking outside, no one tells me there's a giant step, so I fell down it..and Matte's like EAASSSYYY! WE DONT WANT LAWSUITS! So then I run accross the street and ask like 38945734857 people and they all fucking say NO! Actually one guy said fuck no LOL So, I lost. and as I'm walking back into the studio this guy's like I SO WOULD'VE LET YOU! And I was like asshole, I asked you and you said no! And he's like I KNOW IM SORRY! And I'm like kfuckyou. So then I watch it back on TV and Leah's so busting my grill inside all "NAWH! I really feel bad for the girl, she didn't get any humping action. Beatrice, you should've humped a pole or something!" I really actually should have!

The other 2 contestants were Humps R Us, so yeah, I lost. But I have to say, there's nothing I love more than making an ass out of myself on TV, it's been done before, and I'm sure it will be done again in the future.


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[31 Jan 2005|08:23pm]
[ mood | ecstatic ]

I think I just orgasmed like 345897 times. Amy Dumas, please bear/bare/whatever my children.

She just had a chat thingie on her ADORE site, and it was her and 938457 fans. It was really unorganized and everyone just spammed with stupid questions like what's your shoe size. She was so funny though..some girl asked where she got her pants and she goes "Uh, I dunno. They were just in my closet" and another girl asked if she liked Collies (the dog breed) and she goes "Lassie rules!"

Not only that, but she answered the only two questionst hat I asked the whole time. I bet everyone's jealous, BIATCH!

[Beatrice] Amy, do you have any plans to take the ADORE festival things outside of NC? Maybe up north a bit?

[Amy] I want to work with other rescue groups in the future to have festivals outside NC

[Beatrice] Amy, being an active female wrestler, how do you feel about the WWE hiring a bunch of non-wrestling females such as the diva search girls? do you feel it's positive or negative for the company?

[Amy] As long as the Diva search girls stay out of my way, I don't care

Hawhawhaw. This one girl got so mad at Dani, Meggan, and I lmao Dani and Meg said that I wanted to marry her and get in her pants, and some girl was like AMY HAS A BOYFRIEND!!!*(&$*%& and I was like I'm Amy's boyfriend! And she was lke SERIOUSLY JUST F OFF AND STOP SAYING YOU WANNA MARRY HER AND THAT YOU'RE HER BOYFRIEND!

Oh Lita marks, how you make me laugh.

And now I leave you with Amy's final words in the chat...

[Amy] vanilla mint toothpaste rules!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11 sorry random: just had to let ya know

My Lita love is SO back full force. Watch izz-outttttt! [/markoutbeapost]

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[23 Jan 2005|12:05am]
[ mood | aggravated ]

I'm in such a shitty mood, and I'm not quite sure why :-/

Work was the pits today..ugh. Ryan was supposed to work with me but because of the snowstorm he was stuck in a town about an hour away. She he couldn't come in, and I had to work by myself. Joy. It was so freakin hard, and I was like O_O a lot, but I got through it. I didnt clean shit though, so they can shove that up their asses tomorrow. Didn't even take the garbage out because it was like stuck in the can. HA! Seriously, if Mel wasn't working cash tonight, I would have been bored out of my mind. That girl keeps me sane sometimes <3 I wasn't even gonna take a break because how the hell can I leave the bakery without someone else being there? But then I got so hungry/thirsty towards the end of my shift that I just had to go..PLUS Mel tempted me with Tim Hortons. So we wenttttt!

Then I got yelled at majorly from my dad, because he waited for me for almost half an hour in the car :-/ It's not my fault I was working alone and had to friggin do everything myself. UGH..he said he's not driving/picking me up from work anymore. Joy.

SKJdhfskjdfhsfh I'm so angry right now for some reason lolll I just wanna throw things

I'm out. This entry doesnt even make sense. I hate having a good day (Yesterday) and then a bad one. It's so irritatingggggggggggggg

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Yesterday was fun...WWWWEEEEE [18 Jan 2005|04:13pm]
[ mood | content ]

Long ass entry coming yer way..so beware.

Okay, so yesterday was a kick ass day.

It started off slow, and I presented my Writer's Craft ISU to the class..it went perfectly and took up the whole end of the period, like it was supposed to. I was SO relaxed after that, it felt great.

So then Mal, Laura, Christine, Becky, Dan, Teny, and I headed to Much Music to meet Carmen Electra. We met up with Sarah and her friend Ellen there, and we also saw Sarah Anne and Amy. Carmen is SO beautiful in person, it's disgusting. She WAS wearing a lot of foundation as well as fake eyelashes, but she's so pretty. She's really petite too, short and small. But her wedding ring..hellllllo that's far from petite. It's like BANG on her finger. She's really nice though, and she seems like a really cool person to know personally. Nobody really got much of a chance to talk to her or take pictures with her, but she GLADLY signed for everyone. She was sitting an inch in front of me for the whole show, and she's not intimidating at ALL. I told her she was really gorgeous and she said "Awww thank you!" Yuh, very cool girl. Liked her a lot.

Speaking of cool girls, Leah (the Much VJ) fucking rules my ass. I *LOVE* the girl. She's so funny and just SO weird lmao..if you sit back and watch her for like 2 minutes, she's just retarded! She talked to me lots during the show <3 and Matte Babel's preeeetty shexy himself.

RAWWWWWWWW! After Much, Sarah and Ellen walked me to the ACC, where I met up with Lyndz, Ally, Marco, and Shannon. We ate McDonald's and then went to the show! Saw Hassan too, which was nass sicne I haven't seen him since June. The show was pretty good man..LOVED the bonus match that we got (HHH, Batista, Edge vs. Jericho, Benoit, Orton) and the way those guys were adlibbing the match. For example, HHH went off the 2nd rope to do a flying elbow on Benoit, but Benoit lifted his foot and it hit HHH in the face. He just froze standing up for a good few minutes..not moving an inch. All the guys were yelling at him, and he said he was okay. So he took 2 steps forward and fell flat on his face, Flair-style. Twas funny. I marked out like MAD when they so much as showed Lita on the screen when reviewing some old RAW's. Speaking of marking out like mad, I started an asshole chant for Muhammed Hassan. lmao it was so funny..during the highlight reel, that asshole chant..yeah that's thanks to yours truly. Even ask Lyndz or Ally or Marco, they'll testify for me!

When it was nearing the end of the show, I was pretty disappointed, because I didn't think Trish would be coming out. I lost hope and just kinda sat there..and all the sudden her music hit and I jumped outta my seat and marked out like a little bitch. I got a splitting headache from my own screams lmao The no holds barred match between Kane and Snitsky was good too, and the part where Kane chokeslammed him off of the ramp happened right in front of my section. SOOOOOO cool to see live! I also marked out like MAD for Rhyno..I totally even forgot that he was on RAW O.O The only disappointment was not seeing a divas match at all..it blew the big one.

After the show we went to the underground parking and walked around. We found some cars with WWE sticker things in the windshield's and I told everyone we should just stand beside the car and not move..but no. They wanted to keep walking around. So eventually the security told us to leave, and we went to the underground parking exist outside. Randy and Maven stopped to ask the security guard for directions to the hotel, and I screamed "HI RANDY!!!!!" and he replied with a "Hey sweetheart :)" in his sexy raspy voice. Yum!

Yuh so that was my night. Between Carmen, Leah, RAW, and meeting this really hot guy that's friends with my friend Derek, it was an awesome night! Good lord I want that hott guy! His name is Drew, and I would so bone him.

The end!

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WEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! [06 Dec 2004|11:15pm]
[ mood | ecstatic ]


Oh my godddddd. I think I just had the markout of the century. Lita as chamption, it's about fucking time! I'm so happy for her, and I'm so happy for both of those girls. They fucking main evented RAW and put on a really good match. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH LITA AS FUCKING CHAMPION!??! Bea is in love. I dont give a shit what any Lita haters say, *I* think she deserved it a HELL of a lot so don't even argue with me about it, NOT in the mood. And she finished with a beautiful mid-ring moonsault, dude that's the Lita I used to know and love!

Did anyone see that ugly ass fall she had? I thought she had broke her neck again..and after every other bump she took after that fall, she grabbed her neck.

Okay I can't even type anymore. I had the shittiest day in the world today, but thank god for Lita!!!!!!!11111111111oneoneoneoneone

[/post as the biggest mark in the world]

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Jessica. Rules. My. Ass. [12 Oct 2004|10:53pm]
[ mood | excited ]

okokokokokokok this is gonna be a huge markout post. So if you dont wanna hear me markout, mooooove right along.

We all know my love for Jessica mother freakin Simpson, Right? Okay good, moving right along.

So this morning im driving with my mom on the way to school, listening to the radio like we always do. The station's doing the news, and then they started talking about Jessica. "Blahblahblahblahblahblah on and keep listening and you can find out how you can get into a private Jess concert in town, as well as get to meet her at a meet-and-greet" Wait, SAY WHAT?!!?!? MEET JESSICA? Yeah, needless to say I sat there like this O.O

The station said that tomorrow morning they'd say how you could win. I'm gonna try *so* f'ing hard to win. I dont care if I have to sing live on the air, I'll do it! All my friends are gonna be ready with phones in their hands too. I'm excited! I reeeeeally hope I win though, like really bad. That girl just inspires me like mad. And yeah I know, a loooot of people think she's a complete dumbass (probably including some of you guys), but I love her like MADDDDDDDD and I feel she has so much to give to the world. She sings her heart out everytime she performs, and she's a really good person too.

If worst comes to worst, and I don't meet her through the contest, I'm gonna go hotel hopping for sure. Christ, just let me meet Jess already!


My arm hurts, I got the flu shot today. I probably wont be able to move it tomorrow. I'm going to bed


I <3 Jess :)

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[11 Oct 2004|11:05pm]
[ mood | amused ]

I love how I always have a long gap between journal updates. I always MEAN to update, but then it gets late and I get tired and my bed ends up calling my name.

New icon todayyyy...sexy Matt. I miss him like whoa. I really hope he has a speedy recovery, and I know when he returns he'll be better than ever. I just hope he's relaxing for now, and taking it easy. I'm sure he's itching to get back in the ring. So get well soon Mr. Hardy..you're greatly missed. TICKTOCK!TICKTOCK!TICKTOCK!

Another wrestling note, I heard Lita wrestled at house shows thie past weekend. This makes me reeeeeally happy, and I'm so freaking happy this stupid storyline is finally over with. Over, done, finito, she doesn't just get to stand ringside and look pretty anymore. I really hope she's trained during her time off from wrestling..I reeeeally do. I honestly just hope that she's awesome all of the sudden and blows everyone away and proves everyone wrong. :-/ Maybe im just asking for too much. It just seems like ever since she came back, she's lost so many fans and so many people hate her. Granted, I know she's been lacking in the wrestling department, but I think she's got it in her somewhere. Meh, we'll see

Moving onnn! This past week, I was a huge Much Music whore. On Wednesday, my friend Laura and I went to see Skye Sweetnam. I'm not a big fan of hers, but she's a cuteeeee ass kid. She's 16 or 17 years old, and she was so sweet. At first, when she came out, she came off as such a snob since she didn't even look at the audience or say hi. But then during the break, I asked her to sign the single I bought, and she was like "Omg yeah of course sweetie!" After the show went off the air, I talked to her more, and asked her what it was like touring for Britney and other stuff. As for touring with Brit, she said that it was a different audience, and that everything was really different, but it was really good. I then asked about Britney as a person, and if she'd hung out with her. Skye was all "Actually, I only hung out with her like twice, when she came to my dressing room. I had to make an appointment to do that too..I was like "Man I just needa make an appointment to TALK to you, and I'm on tour with you!" It's crazy, she's got security following her to the bathroom" LOL she's a reeeeeally nice kid, and I loved meet her more than I thought I would.

Here's the pic of me and Skye..I look WAY douchey:

On Thursday I went with Laura AGAIN to see Good Charlotte. Joel's incrreeeedibly sexy and he was much friendlier this time than last time, which I was happy about. They didn't stay for long, and I was one of the few people that got a pic with them (Joel and Billy). So here they arrrrrre:

Me and Billy:

Me and the VEEEEERY sexy Joel:

Tell me we dont look like a couple there..come on, it's hawt :P

And then fridayyyyy i went with my friends Laura, Mal, and Saman..and we met up with Lyndz and Sarah there. Fun was definitely haddd! I'm not a HUGE fan of Billy Talent..I actually only know like two songs, but it was fun seeing Lyndz so excited. We were in the front for most of the show, while Sarah and Lyndz got stuck in the back, but we pulled them up eventually LOL In the middle of the show, these 3 girls that were sitting in the very front left, so we took their spots..and they were giving away this printer to a certain caller. And guess who got to model it. yeah, that's right, MEEEE! LOL I felt like a Barker Beauty. I liked my 15 seconds of fame :) And then when they went to a commercial break, the hot camera man put the cam on me and Lyndz and we made goofy faces, it was awesomeeeeee! Most of you people don't even know who Billy Talent are, stupid Americans, so I won't post the pics :P

Soooooo anyway! I talked to Mollie and Krystle on the phone tonight. Fun and laughs were had..especially me laughing at Krys' southerness. Oh maaaaan it makes me laugh, and reminds me of Jessica Simpson. At one point, Krystle was talking about Edge and she was all "If ah dont 'ave Edge's babies tonaght I'm gonna dah!" Translation: If I dont have Edge's babies tonight I'm gonna die. Oh man, I was laughing so much. I love itttttttt!

I also talked to Nic on the phone tonight..which was very gooddddd. I miss talking to her on a regular basis. There was a lot of
Bea: I hate Stacy
Nic: I hate Lita
Bea: Good, she hates you too..she told me last night
Nic: Yeah? well Stacy hates you more

I need a job. My mom's gonna ask my cousins if I can come be a telemarketer or something, with them, and I'm gonna EVENTUALLY give in my application to Sobeys (a grocery store). The only problem is, I dont have a resume yet, nor do I know how to make one. Meeeeeeh

I had a pretty boring weekend too. Saturday night, I was supposed to go to the movies with Maya, but plans got fucked and that didn't work out..so one of my other friends came over. We stayed up until 7 am watching Dawson's Creek episodes and just talking. It was funnnn. On Sunday I thought I was going to the movies with Mal, Laura, and Daniella to see Hilary's new movie, Raise Your Voice, but they failed to inform me that they wanted to go at like noon (I thought we were going at like 4) and I slept right through the movie. Oops? At like 3 I got a call from Laura and she was all "The movie was great, did you have a good sleep?" LOL I hate herrrrrr

Speaking of my friends, Laura and Malerie made a slideshow picture video of all of us, and they put all these sweet friendship songs in the background. It seriously made me wanna cry, and I realized how amazing my friends are. And as much as I doubt them sometimes, I love them like whoaaa in the end and wouldn't give them up for anything.

Newylweds just finished, and I'm off to do some reading and then getting some shut-eye.

Thanks for reading, later dayssssss!


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Quizzieeeee [02 Oct 2004|11:55pm]
[ mood | cold ]

In The Beginning.....
Who are you: Bea(trice)
Where are you from: Toronto, Canada
Birthday: July 2nd, 1987

Why did you decide to take THIS quiz: Because I'm boreddddd

*How do you feel about.....
Homosexuals: Meh, I feel that they're people too and shouldn't be judged because they like members of the same sex. Love comes in all shapes and forms. If people of different races can be together, so can people of the same sex.
Heterosexuals: I'm heterosexual, and I don't really have an opinion on us. lol..they're not discriminated against so *shrugs*
Bisexuals: See "Homosexuals"
Christians: As long as they dont force their religious beliefs on anyone, I don't have a problem with christians. This goes for ANY religion, really.
Pagans: I've known a pagan before..it doesn't matter to me what people believe in..its up to themmmm.
Star Trek: Ew, not a fan
Buffy The Vampire Slayer: I used to watch this show, but then it got shitty
Friends: Loooove that show! One of the best of all time
Will & Grace: Haven't seen too much of it, but it's really funny
Gay Marriage: I don't have a problem with it... if straight people can get married, then so should gay people. See "Homosexuals"
Straight Marriage: No issues with this
Marriage in General: I'm not sure LOL I don't really think about marriage often..but it's a beautiful thing if two people are so in love that they want to share everything in their lives together.
Music Piracy (MP3 File Sharing): I do it all the time
Is Christina Aguilera a slut?: Nawh..but I dont like her as a person.
Is Britney Spears a slut?: NAWHHHH! Brit <3333
Did Janet intentionally let her boob flop out?: Who was looking at Janet's boob when Justin was standing right next to her? I mean, HONESTLY!
Did Michael molest those kids?: I think people should just leave him alone. He's obviously not all there up here *points to head*
Did O.J. do it?: Yes, definitely. I don't know HOW he won that case
If you had to star in a same-sex love scene, who'd it be with?: LOL Jessica Simpson, Lita, Trish Stratus, Britney Spears, Angelina Jolie. Pamela Anderson
Opposite-sex love scene, who would it be?: Matt Hardy, Jeff Hardy, Mark Jindrak, John Cena, Nick Lachey, Shane West, Brad Pitt, Matt Damon, Justin Timberlake, Joel Madden, Paul Walker, Jake Gylenhaal, JESSE METCALFE! etcccc etcccc etccc
Who's your favorite actor?: Matt Damon, Shane West, Paul Walker, Jake Gylenhaal
Who's your favorite actress?: Angelina Jolie, Kate Hudson, Pamela Anderson, Jennifer Aniston, Julia Roberts
Favorite Musician or band?: JESSSSSS!!! Britney, Creed, Black Eyed Peas, Nick Lachey, Coldpay, R. Kelly, etc
Favorite stand-up comedian?: Chris Rock, Chris Tucker, Adam Sandler
Favorite athlete?: Matt Hardy, Jeff Hardy, Lita, Trish Stratus, Mark Jindrak, Kurt Angle, Chris Jericho, John Cena, Rhyno, etc etc etc I'm also fond of Jerome "JYD" Williams from the Raptors, and Carlos Delgado from the Jays.
Favorite Talk Show host?: Maury! and Ricki Lake, and Oprah..aww and Kelly Ripa

*More about you.....
Are you single or are you taken?: Single
Do you have a webpage?: Nope
What is the last TV show you watched?: Newlyweds :)
What is the last thing u said out loud?: "Thanks Mal"

*Social Life......
Are you usually the designated driver?: NAWH! I'm one of the two people in my group of friends that dont have their G1. So def not
Do you drink?: Yessssss sometimes
Do you smoke?: Nawh but I have
Do you do drugs?: Nope
Do you dance at clubs?: Yeeeees
Do you talk during movies?: Yeah sometimes LOL

Pop Princess: Jessica..if you didn't see that one coming, you're an idiot. But I looove Brit too
Boy Band: 'NSYNC..I also liked O-Town and BSB
Rocker Chick: Amy Lee..I'm gonna stick Fergie from BEP in here too, even though she's not rock
Rapper?: R. Kelly, Eminem, 50 Cent, Chingy

The Generic Teenager Stereotype
Do you drink [alcohol]?: Yes
How often do you use the word like in an average hour?: LOL a lotttt
Do you skip classes? How often?: Yes I do, and not that often. Except last year was bad..meeeeeh Dont do it kids, it's addictive
Do you steal?: ahhhh nothing big, no. Like candy lol
Do you wear inappropriate clothing?: uuuuum yeah probably lol
Do you drool over celebrities?: Hell yes :)
Do you watch a lot of TV?: Nope..pretty much just wrestling, newylweds, sometimes friends, and other reality TV shows
Do you ever watch the News?: Nawh not really
Do you care about world issues?: Meh sometimes
Do you smoke cigarettes?: I have, but don't regularly
Do you hang out a lot in malls, or at Seven Elevens?: Yeah, at malls! Never at a Seven Eleven
Do you curse a lot?: not a LOT, but I do curse
Are you desperate to fit in?: Nope
Are you intelligent?: I like to think I am.

The Goth Stereotype
Black lipstick?: Heeeell no
Black eyeliner?: Yes
Black eyeshadow?: Nope! The darkest color I've ever used was like dark blueish lol
Black trenchcoat?: I used to have a long black coat..but not anymore
Black boots?: yeah sometimes
Black fishnets?: Nope
Black nail polish?: Nope
Cigarettes?: Have, but nope
Heavy metal music?: Nope
Marilyn Manson?: Nope
Kittie?: Nope
Cradle of Filth?: Nope
Constant frown and perpetual angst?: Nope
Are you an intellectual?: ehhh somewhat
An atheist?: Nawh, im not crazy religious though..at all
Hopelessly depressed?: Nawh I'm a happy kid for the most part
Suffering with suicidal idealations?: Nope
Self-mutilation?: Nope

The Punk Stereotype
Plaid?: Nope
Big black boots?: Nope
Mohawk?: Nooo
Wild hair colors?: Nope, unless you consider red to be wild :P
NOFX?: Nope
Well versed on political scandals and outrages?: Nope

The Girl Stereotype
Do you spend a lot of time on your appearance?: Actually, not really! Sometimes..depends where im going/what im doing
Have you ever been on a diet?: Not reeeeally, but sort of
Was it not so much a diet as it was an eating disorder?: LOL kind of..but it wasn't on purpose at ALL. Not intentional
Make yourself throw up? God no
Make-up?: Yes, but not everyday. When I do, it's cover-up, black mascara, black eyeliner, light eyeshadow, and lip gloss
Do you flip your hair when you talk: Yes, I have a bad habit of always playing with my hair
What's the deal with boys? It's a love/hate relationship :P
Who's the weaker sex?: Boys, definitely! That's a no brainer
Are you a feminist?: Nope
Do you think Brad Pitt is hot?: YES!
Are you emotional?: Eh sometimes
Have you ever been in love: Nawh, just lust
Ever really cared for someone in that way: hmmm somewhat, but not quite
Ever had sex: Nope
How many people broke your heart: A couple

Three things that scare me:
1: Failure
2: Sharks
3: Spiders/losing people close to me

Three people who make me laugh:
Oh god..it's not hard to make me laugh..ummmm from "online friends"
1: Brit
2: Dani/Meggan..yes you're one person to save room!
3: Laura/Mollie/Krystle/Monique/Brooke..HAW! What a compromise

Three Things I love:
1: Friends
2: Wrestling
3: Family/Competition..I looooove competition

Three Things I hate:
1: Liars
2: Bad attitude/Pessimists
3: Betrayal

Three things I don't understand:
1: Why some people are so bitchy and cliquey
2: Why people lie about stupid things instead of just coming out and telling the truth
3: Boys

Three things on my desk:
1: A Waterbottle
2: My cell phone
3: My CD holder

Three ways to describe my personality:
1: Easy going
2: Caring
3: Fun

Three things I can't do:
1: Cook
2: Make graphics..yay for being graphically challenged
3: Draw/Sing

Wanna have fun?

Happy happy happy happy [30 Sep 2004|11:24pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]

Well heeeellllllo there!

Okay I'll do a quick little recap of last week..2 weeks ago? Whatever! So I didn't have school on the Wednesday and the Thursday because I was this counsellor thing for this grade 9 camp at my school. What it is, all the grade 9's in the school go to Camp Green Acres, and grade 12's host it and you have groups of kids, 20 kids per 2 counsellors (My partner was this guy named Jeff...and we were with this other group with my friends Becca and Greg) and you have competitions and just cool stuff like that. So..this guy named Jason. Yuh, he's adorable. I had MASSIVE crushes on him all throughout high school, and I've been told many-a-times that he liked me last year and in grade 10 as well..but maybe was too chicken to ask me out? I dunno..I understand why though, this girl tormented him in grade 9 when he went out with her, and it ended with her and her friends calling him gay. It was stupid..so yeah I understand why he's given up on girls. ANYWAY! He was also on my bus on the way to and from camp, and all the counsellors bonded on the busss and it was so cute man. He's growing his hair out longer, partially because he wants to donate it to the cancer hair drive later on in the year, and partially just cuz he likes it long..and we put a ponytail in his hair, on top of his head..like Pebbles from the Flinstones. Awww he's so cute. Anyway, I just noticed that we'd been talking a lot more before camp, and then a lot during camp, and on the last day..we had a water fight at the end and he kept trying to get me and stuff..and yeah we were flirting the next day at school. He stayed after school with me for like an hour, just to keep me company. Awwwwww! Yeah I'll shut up about him. I dunno though, I don't really see much happening as much as I would love it to :-/

So yeah, camp = muy fun! When I got back to school on the 2nd day, my friend Erin stopped me in the hall to tell me that my English teacher read a piece of writing that I wrote to the class that day. We had to write biographies on people in the class and make them really funny and good..and I did it about my friend Nadia, whom I've known since grade 1, so I knew everything about her..so it was easy! So yeah, that made me happy that he enjoyed what I wrote, since I did put a lot of effort into it. Highest mark in the class, baby :)

This week, we haven't been doing much..tomorrow I've gotta go to the mall after school with Laura, Malerie, and Daniella to get some stuff for Christine's birthday party on saturday. We're all putting money in to get her a TV for her room, since hers just broke the other week. I'm also babysitting on saturday, so yaaaaay for money! (And paying Monique back for the stuff she got me on eBay :P).

I'm tired, so I'm gonna go to bed..just one more thing. IM SOOOO HAPPY! When I read about Bret Hart being in Aladdin in Toronto, and it being in ELGIN THEATRE, I almost shat my pants. My friend Laura, her parents know the manager of that place, since he rents out one of their apartments. Well, Laura told me she'd probably be able to get us free tickets to get in and see it. By the way, I love her for even wanting to go with me <3333 ANYWAY! So today in the evening, she tells me that her parents talked to the guy, and not only do we get free tickets, we get to go backstage and meet Bret the-mother-freaking Hart himself. Dude. Can we say...awesome? So yeah, im a happy camper. Now I have something to look forward to in december :)

Thanks for reading!


PS! I'm going to MOD next week. Not once, but TWICE! LOL I have a sad life. On Wednesday im going with Laura and Christine to see Skye Sweetnam, and on Friday night im goin with Maya, Laura, Mal, Sarah, HOPEFULLY Lyndz, and maybe other people to see Billy Talent. FUNNNNNNNNNNNN You also know you're pathetic when the woman that answers the phone for much, Tracy, calls you back to confirm your tickets and goes "Okay I know you've been here before. You've got your tickets, bring ID, see ya then!" That's like saying "I've seen you too often, and you know the drill. Show up or die" :)

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Lonely Road.. [26 Sep 2004|03:10am]
[ mood | lonely ]

I know I haven't updated in awhile..I'll have a bigger update tomorrow.

But for now a more meaningless random update.

I miss my old friend Chris :( We were really close friends last year sometime, and he was kind of like my big brother. I always really appreciated his insight and advice, and it seemed like he could relate to everything that was ever going on in my life. If anyone was able to get through to me, it was him. I don't really know what happened..we just started drifting. These days, we don't talk at all. I'll see him online, and I'll wanna message him but I just can't bring myself to :-/ I guess a reason behind that is that towards the end of our friendship, I developed a huge crush on him. Mannn I dunno what it is about him, but he meant a helluva lot to me. So for the last hour or so, I've been sitting here reading some old convos with him, that I have saved. They reeeeeeally make me sad. Don't you hate it when you don't know WHY you're not friends with someone anymore?

On that note, there are a few other friends that I miss. First, there's an old friend of mine named David. We grew up together, and were as best as best friends could get. We went to the same kindergarden, and he had this huge crush on me. That's how I met him actually. One day, my mom got a phone call from his mom and she said "My son is in love with your daughter". Dude..I was like 5! We were in different classes in kindergarden, but David would always manage to burst into tears and wouldn't shut up until his teacher came and got me from my class and brought me to him. So that's how our friendship started. Not a weekend passed by that I didn't see him, and we were pretty much inseperable. I don't know what happened with him either..we got older, and were still friends, and he came to my 12th birthday party..and after that, I just never saw him or heard from him :-/. My mom was good friends with his mom too, and we just all fell apart for whatever reason. My mom said she'd take me to see him sometime soon..if they still live at the same house. If not, I'm pretty much screwed.

Then there's my ex best friend Ariel. We met on the 3rd day of grade 9 and were seriously inseperable. You can ask ANYONE from my high school, we were never seen without one another. I loved every moment that I was with her, AND her family, who was pretty much my 2nd family, and she was an awesome kid..SO much like me. Then everything went downhill. In the middle of grade 10, she tried weed for the first time with a couple kids. She started doing it regularly after that. Cigarettes, ecstacy, and cocaine came next. Yeeeeeep we lost touch. She definitely still called me every day, and I know she was trying to hang onto what was left of our friendship, but I knew it wasn't gonna work, and I knew I didn't wanna be around that shit. It just wasn't for me. So..we stopped being friends. We hung out a couple times after she started with the drugs, but it just wasn't the same. And her parents tried to bribe her to hang out with me a few times too..like they'd give her $5 every time I went over to her house. They weren't doing it to be mean or anything, although it sounds really bad, but it was because they knew that I was a good kid, and they wanted me to influence her again into dropping the drug scene. That didn't work. We have french class together this semester, and it's hard sitting on the opposite side of the room as her. I don't think we've even said one word to eachother. I miss her. The old her.

*sigh* I believe everything happens for a reason, but life has a funny way of working things out.

If you read all that, you deserve a serious pat on the head.


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[21 Sep 2004|11:09pm]
Okay so at the end of March/April of this year, my school is having a trip to France (Paris and Avignon) and Spain (Barcelona) for 7 days. Listen..I REALLY REALLY RAELLY RAELLYYYYYYYY fuckign wanna go. Some of my friends are going, and I just really wanna fn go! I know I was jsut there..but I'd love to go again, AND I didnt go to Spain! So..ask me how much this trip costs. Go ahead, ask me. That's right...$2500. Well, I asked my dad about it on Saturday when he picked me up from Mal's house, and he was all for it! He's like "Yeah man! If all your friends are going, I'm not gonna let you sit home and miss out. You know me..it's not about the money" So I was like YAY! IM GOING TO EUROPE! Wait wait..lets backtrack. I was really weary about asking my dad, so I talked to my mom about it the week before and she was like "I dont know..its a lot of money, but ask your dad, whatever he decides" Yeah..that's what she says BEFORE he says yes. So Sunday morning, my dad calls me downstairs and says we need to talk. This is where he announced "Your mother and I decided that you're not going" What?? Like hell I'm not! It really pisses me off how he ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS promises me I can go somewhere, or do something, and never follows through with this promises. So I had a fit. A really big one. To put it nicely..I cannot control what comes out of my mouth AT. ALL.

However, I'm still hanging on to a maybe. A deposit is due on Monday, for $300. 40 kids are allowed on the trip, and its first come first serve. Let me take a moment to say that my two favourite teachers in the whole school are chaperoning this trip. Like hoenstly, they're like 24 and the funnest teachers EVER! And one of them just happens to be one of the prettiest friggin people I've ever seen. If you know me, you pretty much know that....I wanna have her children. Plain and simple. She rules my freaking ass! So the other teacher, Ms. Balaishis, comes up to me and asks me if I'm going on the trip. Im like "I...dont know" Shes like "pleasepleasepleasepleaseplease come! *jumps up and down* I PROMISE I'll take you shopping in the nicest stores in Paris if you come..I promiseeeeeee"

Dude..did she just say shopping? I'm so there! So..if anyone has any ideas on how to help me convince my parents to let me go..or has any good promises I can make to them (ex: keep my grades up, do more around the house, etc etc), PLEAAAAASE let me know. I wanna go sooooo friggin bad. Nadia gave in her deposit today, and Maya's giving it in tomorrow morning. I.Need.To.Go.To.Europe. Any help would be appreciated :)

Later days!


PS..its still 11:18pm on September 21st 2004..but excuse me while I say...

HAPPY MOTHER FREAKIN' BIRTHDAY DANI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love your guts like WHOA and im so happy we've become closer, lately. I hope you have an AWESOME day, and I hope that this yaer is better than all previous 17 years of your life. <33333

There..I was the first one to say it :)
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Amaaaazing week! [19 Sep 2004|10:43pm]
Okay I haven't updated this thing in forever and 6 goats so here we go!

Last Thursday, Sarah and I went to Much Music to meet Good Charlotte. Sarah was supposed to go with her sister, but then her sister couldn't make it, so I got her ticket! :-D Jimmy Eat World was there too, which was cool, but I'm not really a fan of theirs. Nice guys though! So then Joel (Whom I love and think is so hawtttt) and Billy came out. I thought Billy was so digustingly ugly for such a long time, especially with his long hair..but he's SO much better looking in person. His eyes are super pretty. Both guys are really nice, and signed for everyone and took pics with everyone, but they were kind of quiet, especially Joel. He wasn't rude or anything..just shy I guess. Billy kept trying to make conversation with me about some article on Good Charlotte in Teen People, but the commercial break was about to end and the producers were yelling at me..the convo went a little like this:

Billy: What magazine is this? I've never seen it before
Me: It's the same one that you signed for her *flips over to cover*
Billy: Hmmm..I've never seen this! How many pages is this article?
Me: I dunnno! I dunno! Just sign ittt pleaaaseeee, anywhere, just sign!

LOL Sa-weet! Nawh but they're nice guys. Here are the pics with them for those who havent see them:

Pics with Good CharlotteCollapse )

Their eyeliner was smudged though..I wanted to lick my thumb and whipe it for them. But yeah..it was funnn:)

This past Thursday..me, Nadia, Maya, and Christine had tickets to the American Idol concert (row 12 on the floor). We were planning to go down to the arena early and just hang out, but then I found out the Simple Plan was gonna be at Much..So I got us all tickets! Sarah was there too, along with her friend, as well as Candy and Laura. Chuck and Pierre from Simple Plan were there..they're SUCH nice guys. Manny (a producer at Much) cleared the front of this block thing that I was sitting at, so that Pierre and Chuck (the fuck..haaaa Sarah) could sit in front of me. I was preeeeetty happy about that. So the guys come in, and Chuck goes to sit on the block but totally sits on my legs and Pierre is like "Whoa, sitting on her lap there, Chuck?" and he's like "Im sorry! It's kind of like this *does that yawn/arm stretch*" You know..the arm stretch that guys do to put their arm around a girl? So yeah..I thought that was cute and funny. So then I took a pic with Chuck, and went to get one with Pierre but somehow my foot got caught in between Chuck's legs..and he's like "Whoa! I thought you were trying to hump my leg there!" Very social guys..veryyyy cool!

Pics with Simple PlanCollapse )

Alexisonfire was also there..Alex from the band was really nice! They also took pics with everyone..and here they are

Alexisonfire picsCollapse )

After MOD, Christine saw Alex standing near the entrance of Much, so she called her sister (who's an AOF fan) so that she could talk to him..he was really nice about it! Then later we were walking on queen street, and passed him, and he waved to me..awwww! Nice guy

Anyway, so we went off to the concert! It was actually a LOT better than I expected it to be. Our seats were super close..and it was really entertaining. I'm obsessed with Diana, so I pretty much lost my voice screaming for her. It was fun! People around us were giving me dirty looks and plugging their ears. Very good show..I waved to JPL during it, and he waved back, and same with Diana. There was this guy a couple rows up from the floor that kept dancing..he was such an attention craver..we cheered for him everytime, and his friends got a huge kick out of it. During the intermission, this girl behind me tapped me on the shoulder and asked me "If I give you $20, will you send all those pics from your digital camera to me?" I was like *blink* suuuuure! So we exchanged email addresses..and she just hoped I was a good enough person to send her the pics! I did, today..she's a nice girl.

So after the show, we decided we'd sneak into the underground parking and try to meet them. I had a nice yelling match with a security guard that was like guarding the elevators. What an asshole! So we definitely knew they were down there..so we went to the parking ramp exit. Every car that passed by, I screamed "ARE YOU FROM SNELLVILLE?" (which is where Diana's from). After a good 15 minutes, a big black SUV drives up the driveway and I just screamed Diana for the hell of it. Next thing I know, the front window rolls down and its her mom. She took pics of me standing there screaming LOL Random? Yes! So then the back windows roll down, and its Diana, Jasmine, and Fantasia. They stuck their arms out the window and I banged on the car and told Diana I loved her LOL She just smiled and waved.

So we waited some more, and the big tour bus drove out. We saw Jennifer, JPL, and George sitting in the front of it, right by the driver. By that time, a bunch of fans had gathered around the ramp, and blocked the bus from going. That definitely angered security. I started screaming JPL and Jennifer tapped him on the shoulder and pointed to me. He waved like madddd, so I blew him a kiss. He pretended to catch it and smacked it against his face and proceeded to blow one right back at me.LOL Whatta guy! He's so friggin cute in person! So then I screamed "Come outsideeeeee" and he mouths back "I cant, we're not allowed :(" George got really emotional at this time..he started crying. It was probably seeing all the fans out there waiting for them, but it was so cute! He was just blowing kisses to everyone and seemed so grateful to be there. Security then cleared the area, and the bus was able to get out onto the road.

It was suuuuchhhhhhhhhhh a good night. Oh man! This whole week has been pretty damn good. I didnt go to school Thursday or Friday, and I don't have school Tuesday or Wednesday either because im participating in this camp thing with school..and then Friday we have the day off! So I have a whole...2 day week LOL!

Anyway, time for bed! Excuse the long ass update. Later days!

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Ah lurve these little quizzy things! [06 Sep 2004|02:37am]
Ask me 6 questions. Any six, no matter how personal, private or random, I will try to answer them honestly. Then post this message in your LiveJournal.

Come on kidssss!! I'll do everyone's as soon as I think of questions
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Fill this out bitches and ho's! [01 Sep 2004|05:56pm]
Stolen from Domani:

Tell me 5 things you like about me. I'll reply. In return, put this in your journal to see what people like about you.

*taps foot* I'm waiiiiiiiiting :P
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[27 Aug 2004|10:37pm]
A pretty big update is coming sooooon, but for now:

Who will you fuck?
LJ Username
random word
favorite movie
You will have the greatest sex with kerri_xo0
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Secretly wants to fuck you sawah_anne
You secretly want to fuck danidomani
This cool quiz by thenillbsmiling - Taken 45609 Times.
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V1'ers make me happy in my pants [20 Aug 2004|08:40pm]
I have a feeling this is gonna be a long ass entry! This journal has been naked for awhile now...Must.Fill.Space.

Starting with my trip:
I'm not gonna go into TOOOOOOO much detail, because then I'd be writing an essay..but it was awesome! First I went to Germany, and we stayed with my aunt. We saw my cousins there a lot and just hung out. They're a lot older than me, but their daughter's like 13 so I hung out with her more than themmmmmmm. We went shopping quite a few times, and to an amusement park. Let me just say: Wonderland > German amusement park.

Then it was off to Paris! The city of loooooooove. I had the urge to just go up to random french guys and make out with them, cuz..hi it's Paris! But I controlled my urges although there were some freakin hot ass ones! The hotel we stayed at for the 2 nights was preeeeeeetty crummy. We toured the city, saw most of the tourist sites, and went up the Eiffel Tower. Fun fun fun, plus, it helped that I met a really cute guy from San Diego there who was 19. Figures, I go to Europe only to meet an American. He was really cool! And my dad and his dad bonded as well LOL It was fun marking out over the Mona Lisa with him.

After Paris, it was back to Germany for a week, and then off to the holy land of Israel. I didn't think I'd have that much fun there..but holy crap I loved it! My dad's side of the family there is so fucking awesome...I want to rape them all and make incest babies. It was so weird seeing one of my cousins in particular again. When she came to Canada a good 8 years ago, she was such a bitch and I hated her so much..she wasn't fond of me either. She actually had a look of digust when she first saw me....but we became so friggin close. She's 22 and she's like my sister. Ahh I miss her so much already. Throught the whole trip I was like her doll/daughter. She would makeupatize me and do my eyebrows and my nails and feed me and !!!!!!!!!!! I miss her :( Shes so friggin pretty too..she looks like Trish, and she makes me jealous. DAMN YOU PRETTY PEOPLE!!!! *waves fist* I saw a lot of sites in Israel, but the night life there is AWESOME! Like 12 year olds are walking the streets at 4 am in the morning..just cuz it's the thing to do! God I love it. We went to lots of pubs, and clubs and malls and all that kind of stuff. We also went to the wailing wall there...it's a big wall that you put pieces of papers in (with your wishes and stuff written on them) and "God can see them" I got yelled at by an old lady because my belly wasn't totally covered up. It was so funny! You're not allowed to wear short stuff without sleeves *Insert Bea walking on in with belly showing* Seriously like 4 old ladies had heart attacks. Jews were dropping dead at my feet LOL I had to put like 983757 scarfs around my body to cover my exposed flesh. FUN! It was hard leaving Israel and my family behind..I really hope I can go back sometime soon. I just hope my cousins arent all married with a bagillion kids by then. The plane ride home was really tough. We flew from Israel to Amsterdam, which took 5 hours, had like a 4 hour stopover in Amsterdam, and then flew home which was another 8 hours. When we got home, we went out for my cousins birthday..and i friggin fell asleep on the table. *puts a big L up to her forehead*

So, I get home on Wednesday excited out of my FREAKIN ASS for the next day, cuz I was meeting me some foreign V1'ers! So I drive up and Sarah's there to greet me with Alan, Vily, and Ivaylo. Hugs for everyoneeeeee! Alan, im actually really proud of you! See, you weren't all shy and crapola..you were talking juuuuuuuuust fine! *claps* Anyway, so as we're going to buy our tickets, a woman runs up to me and Vily and says shes from some Church group and has extra tickets if we wanna buy them...for $28. Hell mother freakin yeah I do! Yay for church groups! I nearly shat my pants when I looked inside the park and saw Dani in a bright green shirt (thanks for wearing that! You were so easy to find all day :P). So we get in, and im getting raped left and right. It was so awesome! Big V1 orgy at the Wonderland gates.

Actually, I'm gonna end this entry now and finish it tomorrow when I come home from babysitting..I have a friggin lot to say, and it'll make me cry! *tears* I love you guysssssssssss! And I hope Meggan and Dani have a safe trip home tomorrow. It was sad letting them go. I hope we see eachother again soon..I really loved every moment of hanging out with them. More storytime tomorrow! Take care folks
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[16 Jul 2004|03:49am]
Well...this is it. It's almost 4 am as I sit here saying my last few goodbyes to the people I've grown accustomed to talking to regularly every day.

Tomorrow afternoon I leave for Europe. Holland is the first stop, then Germany, Paris, Israel, and the coast for a week to stay at a resort.

Because I KNOW I'm gonna go through crazy amounts of withdrawl, I made an email address to be emailed at! I'll probably be able to respond often enough too..since there'll be computers where I'm staying. The email address is: bearulesmyass@hotmail.com Yes folks..it's real.

I hate goodbyes or so longs..or whatever, so I'm gonna try to make this short. I hope all of you have beyond an amazing summer while I'm gone, just don't forget about me. I'd hate to have to come back to everyone going "Bea who?" :P I love you all dearly, and I can't wait to see some of you in the T dot when I get back.

Email me, and like I said..HAVE A CRAZY AWESOME SUMMER! Whoever's going to SS Day here, tell Matt I want him in bed..and tell Lita I love her fucking guts times 8974! :-*

<333333333 Bea <333333333333333333333
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[09 Jul 2004|12:09am]
Best Male: Matt Hardy
Worst Male: JBL/Hardcore Holly
Best Face: Matt Hardy/John Cena/Jeff Hardy
Best Eyes: Kurt Angle/Chris Benoit/Jeff Hardy/Jericho
Best Lips: Jeff Hardy for shizzle! Matt's are muy nass too
Best Abs: Mark Jindrak..the fucking reflection of perfection :)
Best Chest: Randy Orton
Best Ring Attire: Matt/Jericho/Kurt
Best Butt: Kurt freakin' Angle
Best "Package" : I'm gonna go with Brit, and say there are too many to choose :P
Best Smile: Edge
Best Ring Presence: Kurt Angle
Best Mic Skills: Jericho/Angle/HHH
Have You Met Any?: Yes'm!
If So, Who?: *goes to get album* Jericho, Matt Hardy, Jeff Hardy, RVD, Hulk Hogan, Maven, Test, Kurt Angle, Brock Lesnar, Spanky, Jamie Noble, Rey Mysterio, John Cena, Chris Benoit, Zach Gowen, Shane Helms
Spend The Day With: Matt Hardy
Best Pic (of fave male): I'll get back to this question..I think I'll jsut post some of my faves, cuz there are WAY too many
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[22 Jun 2004|10:11pm]
Sooooo much to say!

I haven't updated this thing in forever and a goat!

Okay so school's officially done and over with. Well almost, tomorrow I've got exam review day, where I go in to check out my grades and my exam marks. Honestly, I'm not feeling confident about any of them. It seemed like everything I had studied wasn't on it, and everything that I didn't..was! Someone's out to get me. *sigh* I just really hope I made honors like always, not only will I be kind of disappointed in myself if I don't, but I KNOW my parents will be too, and I'll never hear the end of it. Pray for me will ya? The thing is, last semester I missed honor roll by one percent, only because I had my two weakest subjects in the same semester, so this semester I needed a higher average to bring it all up. Before exams, my average was around 86% (for all you crazy Americans, an A here starts at 80%) which is really good, ahh I don't know, I'm just scared! :(

I went to the MMVA's on sunday (Much Music Video Awards), and it was SO much fun! Me and my friends Maya and Christine got there around 2, saw Holly, Sarah Anne, Amy, Laura, and Candy..which was really cool, saw Hoobastank and Three Days Grace rehearing for their performances later on that night, and then basically we just went and stood at the barricade of the red carpet until it started..at SEVEN THIRTY!!! A 5 and a half hour wait, that seemed like an eternity under the scorching sun, jammed between hundreds of people..wasn't exactly my idea of fun. But it got better as time went by. Maya was really annoying though for awhile, she was just singing every annoying song she could think of, and at one point I actually debating punching her in the face to get her to shut up.

When seven thirty rolled around, I was pretty beat already, but seeing all them celebrities woke me up pretty fast! I only wish I went last year though, when Trish Stratus and Jericho were there..I would have marked for them like crazy. Yeah so I met a couple cool people! Joel Madden from Good Charlotte being one of them. He was such a nice guy, and signed for a TON of people. He was one of the people that stayed out there longest to sign. And did I mention he's GORGEOUS!? Tom Green was also a really really cool dude, he ran up and down the sides of the red carpet high fiving everyone. Michelle Tratchenberg (Harriet the Spy..she's from buffy too) was also really cool! I also met Kyprios, Neil from 3 Days Grace, Dave/Brown Sound from Sum41, Samaire Armstrong (Anna from the OC), and one of the guys from In Essence (I think?). BUT! My favourite person that I met, besides Joel, has to be Lalaine. She played Miranda on Lizzie McGuire and I'm seriously like in love with her now! She was such a sweet heart, hardly anyone knew who she was so she did seem pretty happy when I actually screamed "LALAAAAAAINEEEEE!" when trying to get her attention. If you don't know who Lalaine is..you need a good kick to the head. But here's a pic! http://www.lalaine.net/multimedia/photogallery/photos/towerofterrorpremiere/images/TowerOfTerrorLalaine02_jpg.jpg She's the girl with the dark hair <3333333

And now a story about Hilary Duff from the MMVA's! She came in a big van type car, and it was parked at the end of the red carpet. They had to wait until commercial break was over to tell her to come out, so she sat there waving back to me everytime I waved at her LOL I was marking out sooo bad for her, and I'm not even sure why because it's not like I'm such a big fan of hers. So there I am screaming my head off, and the people around me are all "AT LEAST WAIT UNTIL SHE COMES OUT OF THE CAR TO SCREAM FOR HER!" So I kept screaming, and she ran outta the car and went right to the fans (I thought this was ADORABLE) and started signing right away. So there I am stiiiiiiiilll screaming HILARY I LOVE YOU! "MARRY ME HIL!" LOL dude people started laughing and this older guy behind me was like "Your mom needs to have a long talk with you about that when you get home..." Woooooops! my bad! She didn't come over to my side to sign though :( But I forgive her, she was out there for a long ass time signing!

WOOOOOOOO! So Matt Hardy signing tomorrow! I'm so excited but I don't have a clue what I'm going to say to him. I don't have much trouble talking to other wrestlers, but with Matt and other people that I REALLY idolize, it's so hard for me. I'll probably just end up blabbing something about how much I love him and how much he inspires me or something like that. *shrugs* I don't know! But I hope Rick the security guard is there, and lets us hang out with Matt after the signing like he let the girls hang out with Shane.

That's it for now! I'll check back tomorrow with Matt news!
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[17 Jun 2004|01:38pm]
I'll update laterrrr! but for now, he's a couple surveys to ponder!

nose: sswdweetsinhnerbeaq
elbow: sdweretysdinnerbneras
tongue: sweetsinnerbea
chin: sweed3edtsinnjer5bedaZ
feet: sweetysinnerbea
eyes closed and one finger: sweetdonnerbea (LMAO donner)
back of hand: sweetsinnerbwdza
palm: sdaweetrsjnbnbdrbea
mouse: My mouse doesn't reach that far!
wrist: swe3etyxsik8nner44b geaq

15 Random Things You Like
1: Matt Hardy
2: Lita
3: Trish Stratus
4: Mark Jindrak
5: Kurt Angle
6: Computer
7: Iced Tea
8: Candy
9: Sleep
10: My teachers
11: My friends
12: Talking
13: Boys
14: Music
15: Magazines

14 Random Songs
1: Take My Breath Away - Jessica Simpson
2: Toxic - Britney Spears
3: Like I love you - Justin Timberlake
4: Burn - Ushaaaaa
5: Life - Our Lady Peace
6: This Is It - Diana DeGarmo
7: Hey Mama - Black Eyed Peas
8: With Arms Wide Open - Creed
9: 3 Libras - A Perfect Circle
10: The Hook Up - Britney Spears
11: With You - Jessica Simpson
12: Fighter - Christina Aguilera
13: Hotel - R. Kelly feat. Cassidy
14: Fuck it, I don't want you back - Eamon

13 Shows You Watch
1: RAW
2: Newlyweds
3: Simple Life (2)
4: Bachelor
5: Big Brother
6: Survivor
7: American Idol
8. Blind Date/Any dating shows (okay so I watch a lot of reality TV :P)
9. Friends
10. That 70's Show
11. On Air with Ryan Seacrest
12. Passions
13. Fear Factor

12 Good Bands/Artists
1. Jessica Simpson
2. Britney Spears
3. Black Eyed Peas
4. Evanescence
5. Diana DeGarmo
6. Creed
7. Justin Timberlake
8. Beyonce Knowles
9. Kelly Rowland
10. R. Kelly
11. Christina Aguilera
12. Kelly Clarkson/98 Degrees/Nick Lachey

11 Things About You...Physically
1: Brown Hair
2: Greenish Eyes
3: 5'4-5'5
4: Size 7 1/2-8 feet
5: Big boobs
6: Fairly big butt
7: Big thighs
8: Slight hipdents? LOL
9: Dimple in my left cheek
10: Big Smile
11: straight teeth

10 Favorite Foods/Drinks
1: Lasagna
2: Pasta/Fettucine Alfredo
3: Steamed broccoli
4: Mountain Dew
5: Sprite
6: Iced Tea
7: Mashed Potatoes
8: Mac & Cheese
9: White Chocolate (Lindor Chocolates toooo)
10: Shirley Temples

10 People You Talk To Daily
1. My mom
2. My dad (normally, but havent talked to him in a month since we've been in a fight :/)
3. Laura (2 of em)
4. Maya
5. Malerie
6. Daniella
7. Brit
8. Nic
9. Alan
10. Krista

8 Things You Wear Daily
1: Watch
2: my hoop earrings
3: Underwear
4: Bra
5: Shirt
6: Pants (mostly Jeans)
7: my Sketchers
8: Gummi bracelets/hair elastics

7 Things That Annoy You
1: Liar
2: Hypocrites
3: My parents
4: school
5: WWE sometimes
6: Idiots
7: Know-it-all's

6 Things You Touch Everyday
1: The keyboard
2: My toothbrush
3: My hairbrush
4: TV remote
5: My purse

1: Coyote Ugly
2: Crossroads
3: 10 Things I hate about you
4: Rat Race
5: Rush Hour/Swim Fan

4 Celebrities You Have a Crush On
1: Matt Hardy (Jeff too! I need to save space for others :P)
2: Nick Lachey
3: Justin Timberlake
4: Jesse Metcalfe
(Mark Jindrak, Kurt Angle, Ashley Angel, Paul walker and like 893473857 other celebs too)

3 People You Have Kissed
1: Callum
2: Tomer
3: Matt

Two Articles Of Clothing You Love
1: my new Sketchers shoes
2: my MAVI jeans

1 Person You Could Spend The Rest Of Your Life With
1: I wanna say Matt Hardy, but that sounds corny LOL..soooo..okay yeah Matt :)
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